Cover Up Tattoo Boilin' Point Tattoo Shinjuku,Tokyo

Cover ups/Remodels

Cover ups

    Cover Up to Rebirth!!
  • lettering cover with Samurai which suggestive of Nobunaga.
  • Cover with taken in design based Michael Parkes
  • cover with renew
  • cover with a carp
  • a carp shooting up a waterfall
  • Small old piece?Red dragon appearance from darkness in the smallest range
  • with:karajishi:-Oriental lion
  • with Skull
  • with dragon like a watercolor
  • A bird on bird
  • cover with:Oni
  • lotus on lotus
  • with dolfins
  • with full sleeve dragon
  • with funny skull
  • with-ONI-heads
  • Tribal cover with a carp:work at Berlin Conv.
  • with a Skull
  • with a female goat head
  • with a Tiger
  • with a dark image


    Remodels to Rebirth!!
  • Tribal style to Japanese half sleeve style
  • with lion
  • with a Skull

Boilin' Point Tattoo site in English . Pictorial custom work studio located in Shinjuku area. Artist :Horiyou is good at well designed works by appointment.

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