Meeting area inside a Studio


<Need reservations>

The studio needs reservations. see arrangement⇒

Please make a reservation (to meeting) by mail for the adjustment of the schedule beforehand because I run it with one of me.
Of course I give priority to a reservation, but may cope on that day occasionally.
Hope of it is not certain, but, please ask me on the telephone.

Customers must be aged twenty or over. On the day of the appointment please make sure you bring your ID (for example drivers license or alien registration card) in order to confirm your age.

At this studio in order to make custom design by meeting(interview with you), first a sketch will be made on the customer`s body and then the exact design will be made afterwards.
It will be possible for smooth meeting when you can tell me the part of the body, rough size, a rough theme on the date and time when you hope by the email.

In order to take a large tattoo a number of sessions may be necessary so please make sure you are come for all of these sessions.

In order to make a custom design, at the time of meeting a clear price or estimate will be made and then with your consent please make a reservation for the tattoo to be done.
Please understand that estimates of prices and design decisions cannot be made over the phone, by e-mail or fax.

<For tourists>

I am sorry but ,this studio is small, and there are no seating capacities more than 3 at a time and not a shit.
It is not a place sawing interest as a sightseeing spot.

It will be better:the tourist of the short stay, please plan (then I estimate a clear price ) extra 1 day for at least meeting before the day when you want to taken a tattoo.

Boilin' Point Tattoo site in English . Pictorial custom work studio located in Shinjuku area. Artist :Horiyou is good at well designed works by appointment.

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