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I ask about a request and I am mixed and make full use of a great variety of techniques and motifs
Therefore I do not put it out for a category in an individual kind daringly.
I intend to make the biggest expression in the range of the request of the customers.

one session tattoo
one session tattoo

  • One Session:A design which can be fitted into B5 size (182mmx257mm).
  • It is a finished work example at the once.
    Include Colors work( coloring work ),Black & gray work ( achromatic color work)⇒One session



work by some sessions
work by some sessions

  • Sessions:A design which cannot be fitted into B5 size(182mmx257mm).
  • The work example which was completed by having repeated a session several times.
    Include Colors work( coloring work ),Black & gray work  (achromatic color work)⇒Sessions



cover up tattoo
cover up tattoo

  • Cover ups:To be reborn from past work which did not like.
  • The act of being reincarnated as another being.⇒Cover ups




Realistic tattoo
Realistic tattoo

  • Realistic:It is a work example by the brought of an identified image.
  • It is hard to express it if too small.
    Please bring that on paper media such a “portrait”(portrait-identified photograph brought in) or super personal demand I cannot take responsibility because it is hard to recognize it by the indication on the display concerning a difference and indication time of the resolution.




Boilin' Point Tattoo site in English . Pictorial custom work studio located in Shinjuku area. Artist :Horiyou is good at well designed works by appointment.

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