arrange for tattoo by meeting


-By Meeting-

  • This studio ready for some FLASH (established design) in our studio.
  • But I try for designing a new design image by a meeting individually as a custom work .
  • It will be with a smoother meeting when tell me it beforehand about the region which you hope for , rough size, a rough theme by an E-mail.

-1. Interview and sketch-

interview and sketch
interview and sketch

  • I want to hear the REGION, size, a rough theme and other things first.
  • At that time, please show it if you brought a reference.
  • And I will try to picture the rough sketching like a memo while hearing.
  • Based on it, I ask about a more detailed request.
  • I will counselling it objectively, if necessary.
  • I will refrain from counselling it when you bring a final image, and just you want it.
  • If you demand “Japanese feel” leave it to me to some extent.

-2. Actual Sketch (if necessary )-

arrangement-actual sketch on your body
actual sketch

  • If we were able to agree each other’s intention by the sketch memo , it is necessary for a particularly big image, or images to a figure, to sketch the actual size directly to your body with an water based marker.
  • I will trace the sketched and show the estimate of the rate.
  • If you can agree, it is necessary for me to keep a deposit after having your signed “predetermined contract document”  seeDeposit⇒

-3.  On my desk-

I complete the final design image desk
final design

  • I make a final copy of a perfect design on paper based on traced sketching after you left by the appointed day.
  • Of course you can confirm final copy before a [Taking day], if there is a small change I may cope it at that time.
  • note: The DEPOSIT become extinct if you switch any large contents from meeting.

-4. Take the tattoo-

Take aTattoo
Take a Tattoo

  • Please come ten minutes before at least the reservation time on the day.
  • When there is not any communication, and reservation time passes for 30 minutes, it becomes the cancellation accompanied by DEPOSIT extinction.
  • When you want to change the reservation date and time by all means on the day, please call before reservation time.
  • Please bring in a drink except alcohol, we turn on a break during work sometimes for hydration but it
    prohibited the bringing of the food.
  • Please relax during a taken tattoo with earphone of your music player.
  • Please cooperate with the photography of the completion work and, please allow me to place it in my web site..

Boilin' Point Tattoo site in English . Pictorial custom work studio located in Shinjuku area. Artist :Horiyou is good at well designed works by appointment.

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